Introduction to Excel

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Basic Functions in Spreadsheet

Using Microsoft Excel 5.0 for Windows

Below is a list of some of the basic functions for Microsoft Excel. All instructions are based on Excel version 5.0 for Windows format. Many of the functions, however, remain the same when using the Macintosh or version. It will be helpful for you to follow along with Excel as the functions are explained (many items are made clear by actually seeing what occurs on the screen). You will be required to print a hard copy of some information by the end of the hour. Good Luck!

1. Opening the Program
2. Worksheet
3. Entering Data
4. Entering Formulas
5. Pasting Functions
6. Fill Down
7. Copy/Paste/Paste Special
8. Formatting Cells
9. Graphing
10. Regression
11. Page Setup and Print
12. Assignment

Additional Information for Mac Users

Each of these sections contains words in bold. To get a definition of the word in bold, click here.