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The Final Project

Each student group will be required to do a PROJECT in which they design and carry out an experiment illustrating some chemical principle. The last three weeks of the semester will be devoted to this project. Two laboratory periods will be allowed for the development of the project. A third period will be devoted to oral presentations by each group, describing their projects. Ideas for the project can be found in a variety of sources, including: the "Extensions" sections found in some of the experiments that were performed in this Course, and also on the Internet.

The Project will be worth 20 points.

Requirements for Starting the Project

Before beginning work on The Project you and your partner must submit to the instructor a brief description of your project.  This must include a statement of the purpose of the experiment to be performed, and a statement of the independent and dependent variables in the experiment.  It should also include a brief description of the method you will use to answer the question posed in the Purpose.

This description will be due at the beginning of the laboratory period in which Experiment 8 is performed. A penalty of one point per day (out of 20) will be charged for every day the description is late.

All of the experimental work for The Project must be done in the laboratory.

Requirements for the Reports Some Helpful References

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