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A Teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.~Henry Brooks Adams

Science is all around us and chemistry specifically is a major part of our daily lives.  It allows us to look at chemical processes from routine daily activities, such as the chemical breakdown of an apple providing the body with energy to function, to global issues such as global warming and alternative energy.  Knowing the science behind issues helps us to make informed decisions.  Being a science teacher you will have opportunities to impart this knowledge to your students.  The adrenaline rush you get from the light bulbs turning on in your students' heads after you have successfully taught them a difficult subject will be something you cherish for the rest of your life.  You will become a life long role model for these students and make a positive impact on their lives.

Students interested in teaching chemistry  and general science in junior high or high school should complete the following requirements:

bullet Obtain a BA or BS in chemistry
bulletPass the CBEST and CSET chemistry subtests
bulletObtain a Single subject teaching credential  

                       Single  Subjects Credential Program at CSU Stanislaus (This website lists all the necessary information about the SSCP at CSU Stanislaus.  Please view the advising packet which is on the right side of the web page)

                      California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Liberal Studies Majors interested in chemistry can pursue the following paths:  
bulletConcentration in Chemistry
bulletIntroductory Authorizations in Science (Liberal studies majors can be certified to teach introductory science through nine grade to their Stanislaus Multiple Subject Credential)
Contact information for Teacher Preparation Program in Chemistry
bulletDr. Nhu Y Stessman, Associate Professor

Office Phone:  209-667-3555, email: nhuy@chem.csustan.edu

bulletDennis Jones, Chemistry instructor

Office Phone: 209-667-3590, email:djones@chem.csustan.edu

Websites of Teacher Preparation Program in other sciences



bulletCBEST Preparation workshop: Feb 2-Feb 6,2009; Reading, Writing and Math workshops, For more information call (209) 667-3642, Registration deadline is Jan 28, 2009 at 5pm.
bulletThe Math and Science Teacher Scholarships: deadline to apply March 2, 2009, Contact Tara Ribeiro, (209) 667-3589, TRibeiro@csustan.edu; $1,500 scholarships are available to Math and Science Teacher Candidates for Spring Semester 2009.
bullet2009 CSU Science Teacher and Research (STAR) Program, paid summer research internships for preservice and early career science teachers, for more information visit:  http://www.cesame.calpoly.edu/programs-star.html