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Practice Problems

For success in this course, practice is very important. In each chapter there are problems embedded in the text of the sections that we cover.  These are meant to directly reinforce the examples that are discussed in that section.  Do these problems as you work on each section soon after the lecture which covers the material in that section.  At the end of each chapter there is a set of "Key Concept" problems.  These cover basic ideas of the chapter and should be completed before attempting the "Section Problems".  Again, you would be wise to do the "Section Problems" as each section is covered.  There are "Multi-Concept Problems" at the end of the problems for each chapter.  The Table below identifies the relevant problems:

Chapter Problems
4 108 - 113
5 113 - 116
6 109 - 114
7 121 - 122
8 118 - 122
9 117 - 121

Please note that my expectation is that you can do the problems identified in the preceding paragraph.  Quizzes and Exams will contain problems chosen from these or very similar ones.  The problems on the "Homework Machine" are also excellent for practice and the count in your grade.  Expect to see problems like these on exams and quizzes.  Eighty percent of your course grade comes from exams, quizzes and the "Homework Machine".  Finally, there is a set of multiple-choice questions generated from the text which can be found by following the links below.  

bulletChapter 1 Practice
bulletChapter 2 Practice
bulletChapter 3 Practice
bulletChapter 4 Practice
bulletChapter 5 Practice
bulletChapter 6 Practice
bulletChapter 7 Practice
bulletChapter 8 Practice
bulletChapter 9 Practice

If you think that it would be difficult to do all of these problems on the night before an exam, you are correct.  It doesn't work to do it that way.  There are many necessary skills which are developed in the course and they are usually needed to understand the material in subsequent sections and chapters.