Chemistry 1002 --  Modern World Lab    

Winter Term 2006  MWTh 1-4 PM  Room S-209

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1/4 (1) Introduction and Course Requirements and (2) Safety Checklist--Print out copies of each and tape them into your notebook.  (To print: select or "click on" item to be printed to open it, select the FILE menu in the upper left corner of your screen, then select PRINT.)
1/5 Density Measurements  (Due: 1/9)
1/9 Discussion of the Preparation and Properties of Soap -- View and study this document. Print-out not needed.

The Synthesis and Properties of Soap (Due: 1/12)

1/11 The Synthesis of Aspirin (Due: 1/18)
1/12 An Overview of Primary Colors -- View and study this document. Printout not needed.
The Primary Colors -- View and study this document. Printout not needed.
Chromatography of Mr. Sketch Pens (see below for printing) (Due: 1/18)
Depending on the printer you are using, it may be necessary to print this document in three separate parts. Select the link to load the desired part and print by the normal method. -- Part#1 -- Part#2  -- Part#3
1/18 The Visible Spectra and Concentration of Beverages (Due: 1/23)
1/19 Determination of the Amount of Phosphorus in a Detergent  (Due: 1/23)
1/23 Does Your Antacid Neutralize 47 Times its Weight in Stomach Acid? (Due: 1/26)
1/25 The Determination of Calcium Carbonate in Eggshells (Due: 1/30)
1/26 Rate of Gas Evolution from the Reaction of Alka-Seltzer Tablets with Water (Due: 1/30)
1/30 Identification of an Unknown Substance (Due: 2/1 in your completed notebook - no copy needed)
2/1 Determination of Vitamin C in Fruit Juices  and Checkout (Due: 2/1 in completed Notebook - no copy needed)
These experiments are distributed online as a service to our students and faculty. They are designed only for use in our laboratories, under an appropriate level of supervision by qualified chemistry faculty. Appropriate safety training and proper disposal of chemical waste is assumed. Other users of the information posted on this site assume all responsibility.

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